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This article considers the role of linguistic context in social memory and social judgment. Two experiments compared perceivers' responses to person descriptions formulated at a high level of linguistic abstraction (adjectives/traits) versus a low level of linguistic abstraction (action verbs/behaviors). Based on the linguistic category model, together with(More)
Decades of research on the concreteness effect, namely better memory for concrete as compared with abstract words, suggest it is a fairly robust phenomenon. Nevertheless, little attention has been given to limiting retrieval contexts. Two experiments evaluated intentional memory for concrete and abstract word lists in three retrieval contexts: free recall,(More)
Relationships between work goal appraisals and depressive symptoms were investigated in a 2-wave study of health care employees spanning a 2-year period. Cross-lagged models were tested and compared in structural equation modeling analyses. The results suggest that the direction of longitudinal relationships between work goal appraisals and depressive(More)
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