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In 1779, Felice Fontana, using a six-power hand-held magnifying lens, described what appeared to be spiral bands surrounding the peripheral nerve. He hypothesized that these bands were due to an optical illusion related to the underlying undulations of the individual nerve fibers, which he was the first to observe with an early microscope. The present study(More)
Walking track analysis is an investigative technique that allows a researcher to assess objectively the functional capacity of the limb in the rat sciatic nerve model. This study has shown that paint and paper is a better method for imaging the rat foot plantar surface than other methods described in the literature. The block printing paint has the distinct(More)
Recent improvements in unconventional oil and gas drilling and production technologies have transformed the United States into the world's largest natural gas producer as well as the fastest growing oil producer (Ratner & Tiemann, 2014). The Department of Energy estimates that natural gas production in the United States will grow by 56 percent between 2014(More)
The extent of injury a nerve sustains after different mechanisms of injury is often difficult to determine at the time of injury. This study was designed to define the zone of injury for avulsed and transected nerves in an experimental animal model. We were able to demonstrate a progressive zone of injury in the avulsed nerves which would preclude primary(More)
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