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In recent years, composition studies has seen a considerable growth of interest in the transfer of learning, with researchers asking what abilities and knowledge students take with them from first-year composition (FYC) and use in new contexts. Anyone familiar with this line of inquiry will immediately be struck by how dismal the discoveries have been.(More)
Research points to a strong association between infrastructure investment and economic performance. Despite China's great strides in providing basic services, there is increasing disparity among cities of different regions in their ability and performance to finance infrastructure development. Such unevenness has a long-term effect on urban economic growth.(More)
members were jointly appointed by Guido Bertucci, the Director of the DPADM/UN and Turgay Ergun, the then President of IASIA. Its first meeting occurred in Como, Italy and subsequent meetings have occurred in Warsaw and Brussels. In addition, various members of the Task Force have participated in or conducted open hearings at many conferences in many parts(More)
Goal To make the resources and services the Library offers through its home page easier to find. Questions Q1. Which resources and services are the most important to our clients? Purpose: To help determine what should be on the home page Q2. What attributes (organization) do clients prefer? Purpose: To organize home page resources based on client preference(More)
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