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We have previously shown that the introduction of human recombinant wild-type p53 mediated by an adenoviral vector (Ad5CMV-p53), either alone or delivered in combination with ionizing radiation, was cytotoxic to two nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cell lines. To further explore the potential therapeutic role for gene therapy, the combination of Ad5CMV-p53(More)
BACKGROUND Lesion development in MS is initiated by migration of inflammatory cells into the central nervous system, a process dependent on endothelial cell-lymphocyte interaction. Bradykinin B1 receptor is a membrane-bound G protein-coupled receptor shown to be upregulated on the surface of various cells types during inflammation. OBJECTIVE To assess the(More)
BACKGROUND It has previously been demonstrated that Ad5CMV-p53 gene transfer, either used alone or delivered concomitantly with ionizing radiation, resulted in cytotoxicity mediated by apoptosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cell lines. In this study, a novel approach was evaluated of combining Ad5CMV-p53 gene therapy with hyperthermia (HT), in the(More)
Intimate relationships are, arst and foremost, relationships of trust. Family building demands the surrender of individual autonomy in favor of mutual reliance and care. It may nevertheless be unsurprising, in a society that celebrates self-interest and downplays community accountability, that family law reform efforts in recent years have largely neglected(More)
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