Laura Wagner

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PURPOSE Data from incident-reporting systems have been used successfully in disciplines other than health care to improve safety. This study tested the effect of a falls menu-driven incident-reporting system (MDIRS) on quality-improvement efforts in nursing homes. DESIGN AND METHODS Following instrument development and testing, the intervention occurred(More)
Contractures are a common but preventable consequence of prolonged physical immobility among nursing home residents. Significant for their associated costs in institutions rendering care to frail elder residents, contractures further reduce mobility and increase the risk of other outcomes of decreased mobility, such as pressure ulcers. This secondary(More)
Seat height that is too high (> 120% of lower leg length [LLL]) or too low (< 80% of LLL) can impede safe transfer and result in falls. This study examines the difference between LLL of frail nursing home residents and the height of their toilets and beds in the lowest position, compares the patient or environmental characteristics of those able to transfer(More)
PURPOSE To describe perceptions of workplace safety culture among nurses employed in long-term care (LTC) settings. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. Respondents were licensed nurses (N=550) with membership in gerontological nursing professional organizations in the United States (n=296), Canada (n=251), and other (n=3). METHODS An anonymous,(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of an advanced practice nurse (APN) intervention on restrictive side rail usage in four nursing homes and with a sample of 251 residents. A secondary question explored the association between restrictive side rail reduction and bed-related falls. DESIGN Pre- and posttest design. SETTING Four urban nursing homes. (More)
This study investigated the aspect first hypothesis which claims that children initially use verbal morphology to mark aspect and not tense. Experiment 1 tested 46 two- and three-year-old children's comprehension of tense as it is marked in the auxiliary system using a sentence-to-scene matching task. Children were presented with multiple performances of(More)
This article examines whether nursing home facility-level characteristics are associated with the likelihood of receiving deficiency citations for physical restraints, including restrictive side rails. Data from the on-line survey certification of automated records were used to calculate odds ratios for facility-level characteristics associated with these(More)