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There are many examples in science and engineering which are reduced to a set of partial differential equations (PDE's) through a process of mathematical modeling. Nevertheless there exist many sources of uncertainties around the aforementioned mathematical representation. It is well known that neural networks can approximate a large set of continuous(More)
In this paper we give an overview of a recently developed theory 1, 22 which allows for calculating nite size corrections to the dynamical equations describing the dynamics of separable Neural Networks , away from saturation. According to this theory, nite size eeects are described by a linear-noise Fokker Planck equation for the uctua-tions corresponding(More)
We use replica theory to analyse layered networks of binary neurons, with lateral Hebbian-type synapses within individual layers, in combination with strictly feed-forward Hebbian-type synapses between successive layers. The competition between two qualitatively diierent modes of operation, feed-forward versus lateral, induces interesting transitions , and(More)
Tim Berners-Lee developed, in 1989, the basic tools required by the Web as we currently know it: the Hyper-text Markup Language – HTML; the Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP; and a system for locating objects on the Web, the Universal Resource Locator – URL. Twelve years later 1 , with a fully functional Web, Berners-Lee published an original article, with(More)
Several non-linear systems show complex behaviors. For example, some of those plants present a high degree of oscillations throughout the time. Adaptive algorithms used to approximate such difficult neural behaviors can show important definciencies. The differential network is not an exception. Indeed, when just one neural network is applied to get an(More)
The WebInVivo project aims at providing automated support for clinical research on neglected diseases. It includes mechanisms for (a) sharing and reusing clinical trial assets, such as protocols, protocol data, workflows and workflow metadata and (b) controlling the protocol life cycle, from modelling to execution. In this project, collaboration in the(More)
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