Laura Verónica Hernández-Cuevas

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This review analyzes the historical development and advances of the research on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in Mexico, as well as the prospects for future research. AMF-research has been focused on studying both diversity and functionality in several ecosystems of Mexico, but mainly in the tropical dry and rainy ecosystems, and the agricultural(More)
Cover crop species represent an affordable and effective weed control method in agroecosystems; nonetheless, the effect of its use on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) has been scantily studied. The goal of this study was to determine root colonization levels and AMF species richness in the rhizosphere of maize plants and weed species growing under(More)
The status of the arbuscular mycorrhizal association in wild Agave potatorum Zucc. was studied at three semiarid sites over a 1-year period of rhizospheric soil sampling. Root colonization present at all sites and at all times of year, ranged from 20 to 83 %. The extraradical mycelia length was estimated to be from 2.64 to 5.22 m g−1 of dry soil. Spore(More)
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