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The impact of legal regulation on the formation of a status of social work profession
The article analyzes legislation regulating practice of social workers in Lithuania. The legal regulation and the status of profession which it provides for usually takes time to establish and remainExpand
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Children“™s Alcoholism: Causes, Outcomes and Prevention Guidelines
Recently there are more and more cases when underage alcohol usage and serious problems connected with it are registered in Lithuania and all around the world. It is possible to distinguish manyExpand
Peculiarities of the status of a social work profession from the viewpoint of social workers and their partners
A status of a profession may be one of the most important factors, helping it to gain a position in the system of professions. Profession of social work is quite neu in Lithuania. The nature of aExpand
The expression of social workers professional values in practice
Values are one of the main parts of competence in social work. This area is very important as social workers work with the most vulnerable members of the society and the quality of social workersExpand
Participatory action research in the studies of organizations providing social services
The aim of publication is to discuss the nature of participatory action research (PAR) in different types of elderly care organizations – private and public sectors. Participatory action research inExpand
Medics View To Roles Of Social Workers In A Team Of Rehabilitation Specialists
The specificity of rehabilitation agencies is the complexity of social and health problems. To solve those multiple problems a command is needed. Social workers should be one of important members inExpand
Socialinio darbo profesijos statuso ypatumai socialinių darbuotojų ir jų partnerių požiūriu
Profesijos statusas gali būti reiksmingas veiksnys, padedantis profesijai įsitvirtinti kitų profesijų tarpe. Socialinio darbo profesija Lietuvoje yra gana nauja, be to pati socialinio darboExpand
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Socialinių darbuotojų profesinių vertybių raiška praktinėje veikloje
Vertybės - viena svarbiausių socialinio darbo profesijos kompetencijos sricių. Kadangi socialiniai darbuotojai dirba su labiausiai pažeidžiamais visuomenės nariais, ypatingai svarbu, kad jieExpand
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Wifes Psichosocial Problems of Wives Living with Husbands who are Chronically Ill with Alcoholism
Alcoholism in Lithuania is an urgent and widely spread social problem. Practically each person faces it directly or indirectly: family members, relatives or friends are ill with alcoholism. Besides,Expand