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Cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen was attempted with both somatic embryos and zygotic embryonic axes of the ornamental Camellia japonica L. Several protective measures were applied to somatic embryos (desiccation, chemical protectors, hardening by culture at low temperatures, encapsulation in alginate beads), but none allowed somatic embryos cultures to(More)
In vitro-grown shoot tips of Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. were successfully cryopreserved by vitrification. Shoot tips (0.5–1 mm) excised from 6-week-old shoots were precultured in hormone-free Woody Plant Medium (WPM) supplemented with 0.2 M sucrose, for 2 days at 4 °C in the dark, and then treated with a mixture of 2 M glycerol plus 0.4 M sucrose, for 20(More)
Somatic embryos of Camellia japonica were hydrogel encapsulated using 3% sodium alginate and 0.1 M calcium chloride to produce synthetic seeds. Both germinability and repetitive embryogenesis capacity of the encapsulated embryos were investigated. The frequency of in vitro germination into plants of artificial seeds was affected by various nutrient(More)
This study provides a simple protocol for storage of alder clones. The technique described is useful for in vitro germplasm collections, decreasing the risk of genetic changes and associated costs. The aim of this study was to develop a simple method for the medium-term storage of Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. explants obtained from trees aged 20–30 years.(More)
In the image quality assessment for digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), a breast phantom with an average percentage of 50 % glandular tissue is seldom used, which may not be representative of the breast tissue composition of the women undergoing such examination. This work aims at studying the effect of the glandular composition of the breast on the image(More)
A comparison, in terms of the optimal energy that maximizes the image quality between digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and digital mammography (DM) was performed in a MAMMOMAT Inspiration system (Siemens) based on amorphous selenium flat panel detector. In this paper we measured the image quality by the signal difference-to-noise ratio (SDNR), and the(More)
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