Laura T Prestia

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Pacinian corpuscles (PCs) are tactile receptors composed of a nerve ending (neurite) that is encapsulated by layers of lamellar cells. PCs are classified as primary mechanoreceptors because there is no synapse between the transductive membrane and the site of action-potential generation. These touch receptors respond in a rapidly adapting manner to(More)
In this work, we report, for the first time, a 3.5 V class AB GaAs HBT power amplifier for WiMax/WiBro applications. The amplifier has 3 amplification stages to meet the gain requirement. It is class AB design to achieve both high linearity and efficiency. At 2.35 GHz with Vcc=3.5 V, the amplifier deliveries 25 dBm linear power to the load with 28 dB of(More)
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