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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of suture fistulas and their possible correlation with adjuvant therapy in patients who underwent colo-anal anastomosis and J pouch reconstruction with a protective colostomy. The reliability of the radiological screening and monitoring program was also verified. METHODS One hundred and(More)
To assess the feasibility of percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) for the treatment of postsurgical biliary leaks in patients with nondilated intrahepatic bile ducts, its efficacy in restoring the integrity of bile ducts, and technical procedures to reduce morbidity. Seventeen patients out of 936 undergoing PTBD over a 20-year period had a(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic utility of sonoelastography in differentiating benign from malignant non-palpable breast lesions. A total of 293 BI-RADS 3–5 (Breast Imaging Reporting And Data System) impalpable breast lesions in 278 women was evaluated with B-mode ultrasound (US) and subsequently with sonoelastography (SE) before(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the results of percutaneous balloon dilation of benign bile duct strictures in a series of patients with a long follow-up period. MATERIAL AND METHODS 56 patients with benign bile duct strictures underwent balloon catheter dilation. These patients had strictures of various origins: postsurgical, postlocal not surgical treatments,(More)
Based on its spatial and contrast resolution and higher sensitivity in comparison with conventional imaging, Mammography (Mx) and Ultrasound (Us), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been included in screening protocols in patients at high risk to develop breast cancer. Stated some biologic and radiological differences between hereditary and sporadic(More)
This study evaluated interventional radiological experience in the management of biliary complications of OLT at the National Cancer Institute of Milan. Seventeen patients who had undergone orthotopic liver transplantation in various hospital were referred to our unit with biliary complications. Group I consisted of 8 patients with anastomotic biliary(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND Breast reduction and mastopexy combined with inferior dermo-lipo-glandular flap (autoprosthesis) gives good breast shape, long-term projection, and upper pole fullness. We assess the impact on breast oncologic surveillance compared to other techniques. METHODS A total of 105 patients who underwent mastectomy and reconstruction were(More)
PURPOSE To assess the diagnostic performance of the BLES as a biopsy tool in patients with ≤ 1 cm clusters of BIRADS 4 microcalcifications, in order to possibly avoid surgical excision in selected patients. MATERIALS This is a retrospective study of 105 patients undergone to stereotactic breast biopsy with the BLES. It excises a single specimen containing(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to investigate the growth rate of inherited breast cancer, to analyze its T2 signal intensity besides kinetic and morphologic aspects, and to verify whether there is any correlation between magnetic resonance imaging phenotype and BRCA status. METHODS Between June 2000 and September 2009, we enrolled 227 women(More)