Laura Spinney

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It has been hypothesized that organisms living at different latitudes or in different environments adjust their metabolic activity to the prevailing conditions. However, do differences in energy turnover simply represent a phenotypic adaptation to the local environment, or are they genetically based? To test this, we obtained nestling stonechats (Saxicola(More)
n 1981, 22-year-old Jerry Miller was arrested and charged with the kidnap, rape and robbery of a woman in downtown Chicago. After two eyewitnesses to the crime picked him out of a line-up, and the victim identified him at his trial, he was convicted and sentenced to 45 years in prison. In March 2007, however, semen on the victim’s clothes was subjected to(More)
through Madrid’s crowded commuter trains on the morning of 11 March 2004 killed 191 people, wounded some 2,000 more and prompted an international manhunt for the perpetrators. Soon after, Spanish investigators searching the area near one of the blasts discovered an abandoned set of detonator caps inside a plastic bag that bore a single, incomplete(More)