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Human cells contain a tyrosine-specific protein kinase, pp60c-src, that is highly homologous to the oncogene product, pp60v-src, from Rous sarcoma virus but is of unknown function. The expression of human pp60c-src was examined in tissues obtained from human adults and fetuses of 20-32 weeks' gestational age. pp60c-src was quantitated in tissue extracts by(More)
We have localized normal cellular pp60c-src in the developing chick neural retina by immunocytochemical staining using antisera raised against bacterially expressed pp60v-src, the src gene product of Rous sarcoma virus. pp60c-src was expressed in developing retinal neurons at the onset of differentiation. Expression of pp60c-src persisted in mature neuronal(More)
The utility of a design-of-experiments approach was investigated for process characterization of a metal-affinity chromatographic purification process for an Fc fusion protein. This approach gave a better understanding of some of the key process variables as well as robustness for this step in the purification process. Single-variable experiments were(More)
The normal cellular protein pp60c-src is a tyrosine-specific protein kinase that is homologous to the transforming protein of Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) but its function is unknown. The expression of pp60c-src in chick and human embryonic tissues was monitored by the immune complex protein kinase assay, Western transfer analysis, and immunocytochemical(More)
Binding of insulin and Concanavalin A to primary cell cultures of the R3230AC rat mammary adenocarcinoma was studied as a function of time in culture. As the culture became confluent, the amount of insulin binding per cell increased with culture time and reached a plateau, whereas the binding of Con A to surface glycoproteins decreased to 50% of the initial(More)
The expression of the normal cellular src protein (pp60c-src) was investigated in the early chick embryo during gastrulation and neurulation by immunoperoxidase staining using antisera, raised against bacterially expressed pp60v-src, that recognizes pp60c-src specifically in normal cells. During gastrulation pp60c-src immunoreactivity appeared primarily in(More)
To investigate the effects of concanavalin A on insulin binding to R3230AC mammary carcinomas, initial experiments were performed to characterize binding of concanavalin A. Concanavalin A binding was found to be specific and saturable. Equilibrium binding experiments demonstrated that addition of low concentrations of concanavalin A enhanced the binding of(More)
Development and implementation of a chaotropic wash step following protein loading on a hydrophobic interaction chromatographic (HIC) column is described for the purification of a recombinant protein. Various agents that reduce protein affinity in hydrophobic interaction chromatographic systems were screened for their utility in a wash step following(More)
A calmodulin-dependent protein kinase has been purified extensively from a Rous sarcoma virus-transformed rat cell line (RR1022) and from normal rat liver. The calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activity was manifested by in vitro phosphorylation of a single Mr 57 000 endogenous phosphoprotein (pp57) present in both the virally transformed cells and normal(More)