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Skin expansion is the principal technique used in plastic surgery to repair large cutaneous defects, typically after tumour removal, burn care, craniofacial surgery and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. It allows a gain of new tissue by means of gradual expansion of a prosthesis, surgically implanted beneath the patient's skin. Nevertheless, wide(More)
BACKGROUND The process of restenosis after a stenting procedure is related to local biomechanical environment. Arterial wall stresses caused by the interaction of the stent with the vascular wall and possibly stress induced stent strut fracture are two important parameters. The knowledge of these parameters after stent deployment in a patient derived 3D(More)
The purpose of this work is to review the computational models of the adaptive behavior of the cerebral vascular wall aimed at simulating aneurysm formation and enlargement. Cerebral aneurysms are localized abnormal enlargements of the intracranial arterial vessels. The origin of this pathology is still unclear: however, aneurysm formation is thought to be(More)
Information on uterine blood flow rate during pregnancy would widely improve our knowledge on feto-placental patho-physiology. Ultrasonographic flow rate evaluation requires the knowledge of the spatial velocity profiles throughout the investigated vessel; these data may be obtained from hemodynamic simulations with accurate computational models. Recently,(More)
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