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Investigated components of perceived emotional support, including support from family members, nonfamily adults, and peers, as predictors of depressive symptoms in a sample of 333 high school students (age 14-18) using a prospective design. Analyses of panel questionnaire data at two points in time suggest there are significant gender differences both in(More)
Attitudes toward transsexuality and homosexuality were compared in a sample of 318 university students. More people felt that homosexuality was "wrong" than felt that transsexuality was "wrong". This difference in favor of transsexuality was more pronounced in female than in male respondents. In addition, more people rejected the notion that biological(More)
Relationships among major life events, perceived social support, and psychological disorder were assessed in a sample of older adolescents. Negative life events and satisfaction with social support were significantly and independently related to a range of psychological symptoms. Further, the relationship between negative events and disorder was moderated(More)
Life events, perceived social support, and psychological symptoms were studied prospectively among older adolescents during the transition from high school to college. These variables were reciprocally related to one another in patterns which changed over a period of 6 months. The findings are supportive of a transactional model of stress that emphasizes(More)
The problem of confounding social support and depressive symptoms was addressed by examining the convergent and discriminant validity of interview and questionnaire measures of social support and depression using the multitrait-multimethod matrix approach. Participants were 40 late-adolescent college students with half the sample selected on the basis of(More)
The Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies and the Asian American Studies Program are pleased to announce a joint initiative fund for FY12 to promote student/faculty collaborative research in areas related to Asian American studies. Priority consideration will be for projects in three categories: 1) Student research projects overseen by a faculty(More)
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