Laura Slaughter

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OBJECTIVE New colposcopic protocols allow examiners to better document genital trauma in rape victims. We report our findings on the locations and types of genital injury seen in female assault victims versus women engaging in consensual sex. STUDY DESIGN Physical examinations were performed on 311 rape victims seen by San Luis Obispo County's Suspected(More)
This article describes the development, implementation, and results of an intervention designed for inner-city, overweight African American adolescent women. Fifty-seven participants were recruited from four public housing developments. Participants were administered physiologic, dietary, and cognitive assessments at baseline and immediately(More)
OBJECTIVE Conventional rape examination protocols have been poor in yielding genital findings (10% to 30% typically). We report our experience with a revised protocol employing colposcopy to perform genital examinations of victims and to document findings. STUDY DESIGN Physical examinations were performed on rape victims seen by San Luis Obispo County's(More)
The difficulty of documenting genital findings in rape victims by gross visualization is well known. However, we report two cases in which cervical findings were readily established by colposcopic examination and photography. Use of the colposcope may significantly increase the reliability of establishing findings in rape victims.
In this case report we present the sexual assault of a stuporous victim by a suspect who videotaped their encounter. We review the role of substance use and exam findings and discuss both victim and suspect factors that may lead to a negative examination of the victim.
This preliminary study examined the effects of full elbow flexion and full elbow extension on the end-point of active range of motion of shoulder flexion and shoulder extension respectively. The end-points were measured from lateral photographs of the right upper limbs of 30 men after they flexed and extended their shoulders with their elbows held in full(More)
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