Laura Silva

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We present a description of our approach for the " Bird task Identification LifeCLEF 2014 ". Our approach consists of four stages: (1) a filtering stage for the filtering of audio bird recordings; (2) segmentation stage for the extraction of syllables; (3) a candidate generation based on HOG features from the syllables using SVM; and (4) a species(More)
When making choices under conditions of perceptual uncertainty, past experience can play a vital role. However, it can also lead to biases that worsen decisions. Consistent with previous observations, we found that human choices are influenced by the success or failure of past choices even in a standard two-alternative detection task, where choice history(More)
The human exploitation of marine resources is characterised by the preferential removal of the largest species. Although this is expected to modify the structure of food webs, we have a relatively poor understanding of the potential consequences of such alteration. Here, we take advantage of a collection of ancient consumer tissues, using stable isotope(More)
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