Laura Sigman

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How should moral sanctions and moral rewards—the moral sentiments involving feelings of guilt and of virtue—be employed to govern individuals’ behavior if the objective is to maximize social welfare? In the model that we examine, guilt is a disincentive to act and virtue is an incentive because we assume that they are negative and positive sources of(More)
In this article, we ask what system of moral rules would be best from a consequentialist perspective, given certain aspects of human nature. This question is of inherent conceptual interest and is important to explore in order better to understand the moral systems that we observe and to illuminate longstanding debates in moral theory. We make what seem to(More)
We are presenting a five-year-old male with recurrent anion gap acidosis. During his last admission, it was detected that he had elevated VLCFA and the evaluation discovered that he had X-linked Adrenooleukodystrophy. He had the Addisonian only phenotype without any clinical or radiographic CNS findings. We were unable to find any other reports of this(More)
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