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Deriving a function that maps one image on to another similar image is a useful method in medical imaging. The modelling of this deformation function in terms of a functional basis leads to numerical methods of obtaining a good deformation. It is advantageous to be able to represent a wide class commonly observed deformations economically, i.e. where most(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine objectively spatial patterns of osteophytes around the distal end of the femur and to identify distinct subgroups. METHODS A sample of 107 human femora from a large skeletal population were selected for study. These femora included subjects with evidence of late stage osteoarthritis (that is, with eburnation present) and those with(More)
Mindfulness practice has many mental and physical health benefits but can be perceived as 'difficult' by some individuals. This perception can discourage compliance with mindfulness meditation training programs. The present research examined whether the activation of thoughts and feelings related to attachment security and self-compassion (through semantic(More)
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