Laura Serghi

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This paper proposes an adaptive architecture for Web service registries that changes topology based on system state and user requirements. Three distributed registry topologies are presented and analysed based on their delay and network traffic. An adaptive registry deployment architecture is proposed that uses a communication overlay layer. The(More)
Business partners in an extranet expect Web services to be offered in a timely fashion. Replicating Web services may reduce the end-to-end Web service response time and add fault tolerance to the system. In this paper, we propose a Web service replica selection framework that can be deployed in an extranet. The selection procedure is based on dynamic(More)
Providing Web service replicas improves the overall system performance and redundancy for hardware failures. In Business-to-Business, this may be particularly interesting for organizations in an extranet. In our previous work, we proposed a broker to perform the web service replica selection. Furthermore we investigated a replica selection algorithm called(More)
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