Laura Sanz-Ortega

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UNLABELLED Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have shown promise as contrast agents and nanocarriers for drug delivery. Their impact on M2-polarised macrophages has nonetheless not been well studied. Here we explored the effects of SPIONs coated with dimercaptosuccinic acid, aminopropyl silane or aminodextran in two M2 macrophage models(More)
To successfully develop biomedical applications for magnetic nanoparticles, it is imperative that these nanoreagents maintain their magnetic properties in vivo and that their by-products are safely metabolized. When placed in biological milieu or internalized into cells, nanoparticle aggregation degree can increase which could affect magnetic properties and(More)
Activation of NK cells depends on a balance between activating and inhibitory signals. Class Ia PI3K are heterodimeric proteins with a catalytic and a regulatory subunit and have a central role in cell signaling by associating with tyrosine kinase receptors to trigger signaling cascades. The regulatory p85 subunit participates in signaling through NKG2D,(More)
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