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The procedure for abortion as a result of malformation of the fetus is the same as in other cases (Art. 120 StGB). The medical situation requires a specialist's recommendation, which in the Canton of St. Gallen is carried out by consultants in psychotherapy and psychiatry. Approximately 90% of these recommendations are carried out in the social psychiatric(More)
Within the context of an aging Canadian rural and small-town landscape, there is a growing trend of low-income senior women living alone. While there is a perception that rural seniors have well-developed social networks to meet their daily needs, some research suggests that economic and social restructuring processes have impacted the stability of seniors'(More)
CONTEXT In August 2004, the Northern Medical Program (NMP), a distributed campus of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Canada, admitted its first students. Situated at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, the NMP created new opportunities, challenges, stresses and changes for the approximately 180 local(More)
Rural and small town places in developed economies are aging. While attention has been paid to the local transportation needs of rural seniors, fewer researchers have explored their regional transportation needs. This is important given policies that have reduced and regionalized many services and supports. This article explores mobility constraints(More)
Resource-dependent communities in hinterland regions of Australia, Canada and elsewhere are rapidly aging, yet many features that distinguish them (e.g., geographic remoteness, small populations, infrastructure built with younger persons in mind) also pose significant challenges for healthy aging. These challenges can lead to substantial gaps in access to(More)
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