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Western feminism has represented African genital cutting as primitive, irrational, harmful, and deserving of condemnation. The Western medical community has represented its genital cutting as modern, scientiac, healing, and above reproach. When will Western feminists realize that their failure to examine either of these claims “others” African women and(More)
USERS of an analogue tape recorder are constantly faced with the problem of distinguishing one segment of tape from another for editorial or analytic reasons. Many have employed various schemes ranging from the insertion of paper markers to the application of d.c. voltages as position indicators. The most widely accepted method is the use of encoders which(More)
Self-injurious hand biting was reduced in an autistic girl by using fine water mist combined with a loud statement of "No!" following the behavior, and verbal praise for appropriate behavior. The subject was 6 years old when the interventions were implemented, and she had been in arm and head restraints since infancy. A fading procedure that moved from a(More)
IN THE study of the electrical discharge characteristics of nerve cells, two of the principal measurements related to activity during various states are the time intervals between impulses and the amplitude of impulses. Several approaches to measuring these quantities have been undertaken in the past. Each is related to the measurement of a short duration(More)
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