Laura Rocío Díaz-Guzmán

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This study is a cross-sectional report of oral mucosal lesions in 23785 patients more than 15 years of age who requested elective dental care in a dental school. Among the patients examined, the general lesion rate was 356.60 lesions per 1000 patients. Sixty-eight entities were identified, the lesions being more common among males. White, red, and ulcerated(More)
INTRODUCTION A microsurgical anterior cervical approach with discectomy and fusion (MACDF) is one of the most widely used procedures for treating radicular disorders. This approach is highly successful; however, it is not free from complications. These can be associated with soft tissue injuries. AIM OF THE STUDY The recognition of the risks for these(More)
To our Knowledge, this is the first work in a number population (higher than 500 sample WHO) that is carried out in our country about lesions in the Oral Mucosa. The advantages in this Kind of studies are recognized particularly in the fields of academic, research and services. This work presents the first view of a permanent research project of Oral Mucosa(More)
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