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auf die " Produktwahrnehmung " (Nützlichkeit, Benutzbarkeit, visuelle Ästhetik, Status und Bindung), auf " Nutzeremotionen " (positive und negative Emotionen) und auf " Konsequen-zen " der Produktinteraktion (Loyalität und Nutzungsintention) beziehen. Die Konstruktion des Fragebogens und die Auswahl von Items erfolgte auf Basis zweier online durchgeführter(More)
Zusammenfassung In diesem Beitrag werden die bisherigen Entwicklungsschritte bei der Konstruktion eines modularen Fragebogens zur Messung des Interaktionserlebens zusammengefasst. Inhaltlich orientiert sich die Fragebogenstruktur am Komponentenmodell des Nutzungserlebens, CUE, nach Thüring und Mahlke (2007). Die Validierung fand sowohl im Rahmen mehrerer(More)
High temperatures, night sweat, chest pain, cough and dyspnoea suddenly occurred in a 54-year-old patient. The serious disease was accompanied by variable pulmonary infiltrations. Chemical pathology showed maximally increased sedimentation rates, slight leucocytosis and anaemia. Complete serology was negative. The occurrence of large intestinal ileus(More)
Review of biopsy specimens showed that a patient incorrectly diagnosed 7 years ago as having Crohn's disease actually had histologically proven gastrointestinal tuberculosis of 7 years' duration. It is significant that gastrointestinal tuberculosis and Crohn's disease can mimic each other not only in their clinical, radiologic, and histologic manifestations(More)
52 persons with bronchial carcinoma found by reason of complaints by the Chest Clinic were critically evaluated. Cough, hemoptysis and thoracic pain are of the first place in the range of frequency of complaints caused by the tumour. The time elapsing between the onset of the troubles to the first medical visit and from this consultation to the hospital(More)
Faecal chymotrypsin was measured in patients with chronic pancreatitis and in healthy black urban and rural control subjects. In the patients, significantly lower values of faecal chymotrypsin were obtained (mean (SD) 2.4 1.79 U/g stool) whereas in urban control subjects, values were within the normal range (mean (SD) 13.2 (11.9)). In rural black control(More)