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Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments (MMVEs) are attracting millions of players from all over the world. Currently used Client/Server infrastructures and technologies are reaching their limits of flexibility and scalability. We propose an approach that combines the technological advantages of two different paradigms, namely P2P networking and Cloud(More)
Distributed Virtual Environments (DVEs), like Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) are attracting millions of users from all over the world. However, as the number of simultaneous users keeps growing, the current used Client/Server infrastructure technologies are showing their limits on the side of the practicality and applicability. As a consequence,(More)
A fundamental problem for the development of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) is the definition of a mechanism supporting interest management, i.e. determining all the entities of the virtual world that are relevant for a given peer. To this end, we propose a hybrid architecture combining centralized and P2P solutions. Our proposal exploits a P2P(More)
The association between hyperinflammatory states and numerous diseases is widely recognized, but our understanding of the molecular strategies that have evolved to prevent uncontrolled activation of inflammatory responses remains incomplete. Here, we report a critical, nontranscriptional role of GPS2 as a guardian against hyperstimulation of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method, called Convergent Scheduling, for scheduling a continuous stream of batch jobs on the machines of large-scale computing farms. This method exploits a set of heuristics that guide the scheduler in making decisions. Each heuristics manages a specific problem constraint, and contributes to carry out a value that measures(More)
P2P overlays based on Delaunay triangulations have been recently exploited to implement systems providing efficient routing and data broadcast solutions. Several applications such as Distributed Virtual Environments and geographical nearest neighbours selection benefit from this approach. This paper presents a novel distributed algorithm for the incremental(More)
Cloud computing infrastructures support dynamical and flexible access to computational, network and storage resources. To date, several disjoint industrial and academic technologies provide infrastructure level access to Clouds. Especially for industrial platforms, the evolution of de-facto standards goes together with worries about user lock-in to a(More)
Estrogen receptor-α (ERα) has central role in hormone-dependent breast cancer and its ligand-induced functions have been extensively characterized. However, evidence exists that ERα has functions that are independent of ligands. In the present work, we investigated the binding of ERα to chromatin in the absence of ligands and its functions on gene(More)
Gossip-based Peer-to-Peer protocols proved to be very efficient for supporting dynamic and complex information exchange among distributed peers. They are useful for building and maintaining the network topology itself as well as to support a pervasive diffusion of the information injected into the network. This is very useful in a world where there is a(More)