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Cloud computing infrastructures support dynamical and flexible access to computational, network and storage resources. To date, several disjoint industrial and academic technologies provide infrastructure level access to Clouds. Especially for industrial platforms, the evolution of de-facto standards goes together with worries about user lock-in to a(More)
A significant part of the data produced every day by on-line services is structured as a graph. Therefore, there is the need for efficient processing and analysis solutions for large scale graphs. Among the others, the balanced graph partitioning is a well known NP-complete problem with a wide range of applications. Several solutions have been proposed so(More)
An irregular problem models the evolution of a system where several elements are irregularly distributed in a domain. The evolution modifies this distribution in a way that cannot be foreseen and the behavior of each element depends upon the elements close to it according to a problem dependent relation. Starting from a hierarchical representation of the(More)
—P2P overlays based on Delaunay triangulations have been recently exploited to implement systems providing efficient routing and data broadcast solutions. Several applications such as Distributed Virtual Environments and geographical nearest neighbours selection benefit from this approach. This paper presents a novel distributed algorithm for the(More)
—Gossip-based Peer-to-Peer protocols proved to be very efficient for supporting dynamic and complex information exchange among distributed peers. They are useful for building and maintaining the network topology itself as well as to support a pervasive diffusion of the information injected into the network. This is very useful in a world where there is a(More)