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The Shifting Middle Ground: Amazonian Indians and Eco-Politics
Over the past decade in Brazil, the convergence between international environmentalism and indigenous cultural survival concerns led to an unprecedented internationalization of local A nativeExpand
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Performing Dreams: Discourses of Immortality Among the Xavante of Central Brazil
Over several centuries, the Xavante of Central Brazil have maintained an invincible sense of identity and feeling of control over historical processes, despite repeated invasions by colonists andExpand
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Performing indigeneity : global histories and contemporary experiences
This engaging collection of essays discusses the complexities of "being" indigenous in public spaces. Laura R. Graham and H. Glenn Penny bring together a set of highly recognized junior and seniorExpand
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Formalist thinking and language arts instruction: teachers’ and students’ beliefs about truth and caring in the teaching conversation
Abstract Two studies illustrate the concern that the connection between teachers’ beliefs and their instructional practices can be a troublesome one if beliefs are informed by formalist thinkingExpand
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dialogic dreams: creative selves coming into life in the flow of time
This article discusses male Xavante youths' experience of subjectivity through exploration of dream-songs using, following Singer, a Peircian model of the semiotic self. Dreamed songs are shown toExpand
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a public sphere in Amazonia? the depersonalized collaborative construction of discourse in Xavante
What are the discourse presuppositions of the Habermasian public sphere? The present article explores this question by comparing the Western philosophy of language with the political discourseExpand
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Image and instrumentality in a Xavante politics of existential recognition: The public outreach work of EtÉnhiritipa Pimentel Barbosa
This analysis of one Xavante group's innovative projects to represent Xavante culture to nonindigenous audiences reveals multiple and complex perceptions of instrumentalities as well as politicalExpand
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Addition of Interleukin-21 for Expansion of T-Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy of Murine Melanoma
We previously demonstrated that interleukin (IL)-7/15 was superior to IL-2 for expansion of T cells in vitro for adoptive immunotherapy. We sought to ascertain whether IL-21 would further improveExpand
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