Laura Pulkki

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The present study examined the association of cardiac autonomic task-induced reactivity and recovery to preclinical atherosclerosis. Thirty-three men and 33 women aged 24-39 years participated in the ongoing epidemiological Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns study. The authors measured heart rate (HR), respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA), and preejection(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression and coronary heart disease are often comorbid conditions, but the mechanism behind this link is largely unknown. We tested the hypothesis that a high level of depressive symptoms in healthy young adults would be related to more prevalent preclinical atherosclerosis. METHODS We studied the association between depressive symptoms and(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined whether temperament dimensions, as indicated by Cloninger's psychobiological model [Cloninger, C.R., Svrakic, D.M., Przybeck, T.R., 1993. A psychobiological model of temperament and character. Arch. Gen. Psychiatry 50, 975-990.], predicted depressive symptoms across a 4-year follow-up. METHODS Nine hundred ninety-three women(More)
BACKGROUND The role of early personality in socioeconomic inequalities in health is not well understood. We investigated the extent to which type A components in adolescence and early adulthood contributed to the inverse association between education and behavioural cardiovascular disease risk factors in adulthood. METHODS Prospective cohort study with a(More)
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