Laura Prosser

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There is abundant evidence that there is a performance cost associated with switching between tasks. This "switch cost" has been postulated to be driven by task performance on the preceding trial, but recent research challenges any necessary role of previous task performance in driving the cost. Across three experiments, we investigated whether it is(More)
Infants with developmental delays must be detected early in their development to minimize the progression of motor and neurological impairments. Our objective is to quantify how sensorized toys in a natural play environment can promote infant-toy physical interactions. We created a hanging elephant toy, equipped with an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a multiple view stereoscopic 3D vision system and a supporting infant tracker pipeline to track limb movement in natural play environments and identify potential metrics to quantify movement behavior. So far, human pose estimation and tracking with 3D cameras has been focused primarily on adults and(More)
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