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On the basis of previous epidemiologic studies, Parkinson disease was thought to be evenly distributed throughout the world. These studies, however, were conducted only on North European populations. The position with regard to the Mediterranean peoples was still unknown, and we therefore studied the frequency of Parkinson disease on the island of Sardinia,(More)
Recent investigations on multiple sclerosis (MS) distribution in Italy, based on relatively small population groups, contradict the current thesis, derived from studies undertaken in populations exceeding 300,000, of a lower spreading of the disease in Mediterranean Europe. Intensive surveys on small populations strengthen the suggestion that Italy is a(More)
This investigation was conducted to clarify the epidemiology of ALS disease in Sardinia. During the years 1965-1974, the average annual incidence was found to be 0.64/100,000 inhabitants. On prevalence day, October 24th, 1974, the prevalence rate was 1.56/100,000 inhabitants. A significant male predominance was found, the average annual incidence rates for(More)
The comparative geography of multiple sclerosis (MS) and nonneurological diseases considered to be autoimmune is of great interest. But there are few appropriate investigations. Some have found an increase in the frequency of MS, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic heart disease depending on the geographic latitude. Nevertheless, the significance of the(More)
INTRODUCTION We planned a descriptive study on the incidence of intracranial gliomas spanning a 16-year period (1976-1991) in the Local Health Service 31 of Ferrara, Northern Italy. MATERIAL AND METHODS We used a complete enumeration approach by reviewing all the possible sources of case collection available in the study area. RESULTS The mean annual(More)
Hashimoto's encephalopathy and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) often have similar clinical features and may be confused, especially at onset. A 61-year-old woman developed rapidly progressive ataxia, myoclonus and dementia, with abnormalities seen on electroencephalography (EEG). Serum analysis disclosed high titers of antithyroid autoantibodies. Both(More)