Laura Petrini

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In the present high-resolution electroencephalographic (EEG) study, an omitted-stimulus paradigm induced a strong expectancy for a predictable painful stimulation (nonpainful in the control condition). During the expectancy of pain, concurrent cognitive demands were superimposed. The aim was to investigate the effects on primary sensorimotor and central(More)
It has been shown that concomitant painful stimulation and simple movement at the same hand is related to decreased anticipatory alpha event-related desynchronization (ERD) and reduced pain intensity, possibly due to the interference between somatosensory and motor information processing (Babiloni et al. [6]). Here, we tested the hypothesis that such(More)
UNLABELLED We tested whether cortical activation anticipating painful stimuli is reduced more by integrative processes on somatosensory painful and motor information relative to the same hand than when that information refers to different hands. In 3 conditions, visual warning stimuli were followed by visual target stimuli associated with an electrical(More)
The objective of the present study was to examine the extent to which spatial summation (SS) of thermal senses is affected by skin type and skin thermal sensitivity. A total of 19 healthy subjects underwent measurements of warm- and cold-sensation threshold (WST and CST) with a large (9 cm(2)) and small (2.25 cm(2)) stimulation area, within the glabrous(More)
Cognitive impairment (CI) can develop during the course of ageing and is a feature of many neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Many individuals with CI have substantial, sustained, and complex health care needs, which frequently include pain. However, individuals with CI can have difficulty communicating the features of their pain to others, which(More)
Electrical low-frequency stimulation (LFS) inhibits pain perception and nociceptive processing as shown by psychophysical and electrophysiological means (long-term depression, LTD). Information regarding central mechanisms involved in LTD induction and maintenance are still missing. This study hypothesizes that electrical LFS induces changes in activation(More)
Mathematical models and numerical methods have emerged as fundamental tools in the investigation of life sciences. In particular, this is the case of medical devices as cardiovascular drug eluting stents where experimental/clinical evidence may often be very expensive and extremely variable. Here we present a complete overview of mathematical models and(More)
Few studies are available in the literature on the sensations artificially created by dual-channel electrocutaneous stimulation. This study assessed the effect of a set of selected stimulation parameters on the sensations evoked by single- or dual-channel electrocutaneous stimulation. The investigated parameters included the stimulation site, the number of(More)
An experimental model of daily episodic pain was developed to investigate peripheral sensitization and cortical reorganization in healthy individuals. Two experiments (A and B) were conducted. Experiments A and B consisted of one and five consecutive days, respectively, in which the participants were subjected to 45 min of intense painful cutaneous(More)
The mirror box illusion has proven a helpful therapy in pathologies such as phantom limb pain, and although the effect has been suggested to be a result of the interaction between pain, vision, touch, and proprioception, the mechanisms are still unknown. Multichannel (124) brain responses were investigated in healthy men (N = 11) and women (N = 14) during(More)