Laura Payá

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This paper describes how to establish a kinematic correspondence between the workspaces of master and slave devices using a virtual environment and its implementation on a teleoperation simulator. The virtual environment incorporates the kinematic and dynamic model of the slave robot and the remote environment. Mapping and scaling of workspaces have been(More)
This paper describes an adaptive and autocalibrated method to track surfaces. To do so, a non time dependent impedance control system is proposed. This method fuses visual and force information to track a given trajectory maintaining the contact with the surface. The main contribution of the visual servoing approach employed by the impedance control system(More)
This paper proposes the definition of a new adaptive system that combines visual and force information. At each moment, the proportion of information used from each sensor is variable depending on the adequacy of each sensor to control the task. The sensorial information obtained is processed to allow the use of both sensors for controlling the robot and(More)
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