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Personality Judgments Based on Physical Appearance
Despite the crucial role of physical appearance in forming first impressions, little research has examined the accuracy of personality impressions based on appearance alone. This study examined theExpand
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Portrait of a narcissist: Manifestations of narcissism in physical appearance ☆
Narcissism is characterized in part by an acute concern for one's appearance. Despite this fundamental aspect of narcissism, little is known about whether narcissism is manifested in features ofExpand
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Surviving Two Critiques by Block? The Resilient Big Five Have Emerged as the Paradigm for Personality Trait Psychology
In a career spanning more than 50 years, Jack Block has made numerous important contributions, especially in the fields of personality assessment, development, and structure. Block also spent aExpand
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The Correlates of High Parental Academic Expectations
Asian American parents espouse higher academic expectations relative to parents from other ethnic groups, yet these high expectations predict greater self-doubt in children who fall short ofExpand
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What’s your favorite music? Music preferences cue racial identity
Abstract Past research has shown that music preferences can provide meaningful personality and identity clues. However, no research has examined whether music preferences can convey meaningfulExpand
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Correlates of Political Ideology Among U.S.-Born Mexican Americans
Latino Americans have to navigate involvement and identification with two cultural groups—their ethnic culture and the dominant American culture. Differences in cultural identifications have beenExpand
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Smiling reflects different emotions in men and women
Abstract We present evidence that smiling is positively associated with positive affect in women and negatively associated with negative affect in men. In line with Vigil's model, we propose that, inExpand
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Confidence of social judgments is not just error: Individual differences in the structure, stability, and social functions of perceptual confidence
Abstract The present research uses a Social Relations Model approach to focus on individual differences in perceptual confidence – a person’s confidence in her or his impressions of others. AcrossExpand
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