Laura P. Johnson

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UNLABELLED Ancestral human populations had diets containing more indigestible plant material than present-day diets in industrialized countries. One hypothesis for the rise in prevalence of obesity is that physiological mechanisms for controlling appetite evolved to match a diet with plant fiber content higher than that of present-day diets. We investigated(More)
We have previously reported the placental metabolism of prednisolone to prednisone, 20alpha- and beta-dihydroprednisone and 20beta-dihydroprednisolone. In this study, the disposition of cortisol was investigated in vitro in the dual perfused, isolated human placental lobule after the addition of cortisol (1.2 micromol, n = 3 and 12 micromol, n = 4) to the(More)
Intestinal bacteria carry out many fundamental roles, such as the fermentation of non-digestible dietary carbohydrates to produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which can affect host energy levels and gut hormone regulation. Understanding how to manage this ecosystem to improve human health is an important but challenging goal. Antibiotics are the front(More)
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