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In diagnosing a child with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), anthropometric measurements of the face are conventionally performed by highly trained dysmorphologists using a hand-held ruler. This renders the screening of large populations of children for the facial features characteristic of FAS very time-consuming and costly. This study proposes a new,(More)
Preference for a particular chewing side may be influenced by several factors, one of which could be the functional contact area on each side of the dentition. In this study, interocclusal wax records were made for each of the 30 subjects. A digital image of the transilluminated wax record was analysed to group 'grey' values into categories of wax(More)
Both the mandibular condyle and the glenoid fossa remodel in response to changes in the dentition during life, although the precise relationship between teeth and joint is not clear. This study was undertaken to ascertain changes, if any, occurring in the glenoid fossae in skeletons with much tooth wear. In a collection of skulls from an excavation site on(More)
Surveys have shown that many workers operate under conditions that require constrained standing. The aim of this study was to investigate postural adaptations in constrained standing to facilitate the development of design guidelines for standing workspaces. Standing postures were observed in six different workspaces that were designed using combinations of(More)
In this study the wear of mandibular acrylic resin teeth opposed by porcelain maxillary teeth arranged in a lingualized occlusal scheme over a period of 3 years was measured. Six edentulous subjects received complete dentures as above and with three baseline markers of amalgam. At yearly intervals casts were made of the mandibular occlusal surfaces,(More)
Specific autobiographical memories have been theorised to serve a directive function, whereby the content of the memory directs behaviour outside awareness. The present research tested whether the extent to which a memory feels low in closure, or psychologically not in the past, moderates this directive effect. A total of 163 participants in an online(More)
Emotional inhibition in recollection of specific autobiographical memories (Conway & Pleydell-Pearce, 2000) is investigated in two experiments. Less complete emotional inhibition was hypothesised to correspond to a reduced sense of psychological closure. Emotional inhibition was identified by comparing the effect of emotion words relative to lifetime period(More)
A hypothesis is offered which extends the concept of proprioception to use information necessarily obtained during the first part of a complex motion (stepping down) to facilitate the second part. It is suggested that, when the leading foot of a normal person stepping down arrives at its destination, relevant proprioceptive information is used by the(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the geometric form of the surface on which a fixed point on the head moves as a result of neck motion. Motion of a retroreflective marker on the glabella of six normal subjects was stereoscopically recorded by two video cameras, during a variety of neck motions, performed on command. Near real-time computer analysis in(More)
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