Laura Moldovan

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Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) is a well-established method for quantifying levels of gene expression, but has not been routinely applied to the detection of constitutional copy number alterations of human genomic DNA. Microdeletions or microduplications of the human genome are associated with a variety of genetic disorders. Although,(More)
Conventional cytogenetic and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) studies have shown that osteosarcomas (OSs) are characterized by complex structural and numerical chromosomal alterations and gene amplification. In this study, we used high-resolution CGH to investigate recurrent patterns of genomic imbalance by use of DNA derived from nine OS tumors(More)
22q11 Deletion syndrome (22q11DS) is a common microdeletion syndrome with variable expression, including congenital and later onset conditions such as schizophrenia. Most studies indicate that expression does not appear to be related to length of the deletion but there is limited information on the endpoints of even the common deletion breakpoint regions in(More)
BACKGROUND Computer-based teaching (CBT) is a well-known educational device, but it has never been applied systematically to the teaching of a complex, rare, genetic disease, such as Hunter disease (MPS II). AIM To develop interactive teaching software functioning as a virtual clinic for the management of MPS II. IMPLEMENTATION AND RESULTS The Hunter(More)
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