Laura Mistretta

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Fifteen patients with chronic obstruction of leg arteries (mean length: 6 cm) were treated with the Kensey catheter and then with PTA. In 11 cases the procedure was successful (74%) and in 2 it was interrupted--in one case for dissection and in the other for vessel perforation. Two maneuvers, after dissection, were ended with PTA and stent placement(More)
BACKGROUND Real-life data on the use of R2 MRI for the assessment of liver iron concentration (LIC) remain limited. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional analysis on 363 patients (mean age 35.6 yr, 44.1% men) with hemoglobinopathies (204 β-thalassemia major [TM], 102 β-thalassemia intermedia [TI], and 57 sickle cell disease [SCD]) that were evaluated(More)
OBJECTIVES The liver remains the primary site of iron storage, with liver iron concentration (LIC) being a strong surrogate of total body iron. MRI-R2 can accurately measure LIC. The LICNET (Liver Iron Cutino Net-work) was established to diagnostics of liver iron overload by MRI-R2 subjects with hemochromatosis in haematological disorders. The aims of the(More)
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