Laura Miller McPherson

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Various theories of learning for the categories count noun and mass noun are compared. It is argued that children assign words to these categories on the basis of intuitions arising from perception that are relevant to Macnamara's (1986) semantic definitions of the categories. These definitions rest on the centrality of identity in the meaning of nouns and(More)
Seven chronically institutionalised high level spinal lesion subjects participated in an exercise program, five days per week for seven weeks. Anthropometry, spirometry and maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) was measured initially and at the end of seven weeks. Subjects generally followed a common training program. No significant changes were noted in the(More)
In audition, sound energy is assigned to separate auditory "streams" following principles of organization that closely parallel the visual gestalt principles that guide the perception of distinct forms or objects. Metzger (1934) provided evidence for organization in vision based on similarity in the velocity of moving forms. If two dots approach one another(More)
Manganese (IV) oxide was found to catalyze the diamination reaction of alpha,beta-unsaturated esters and ketones with N,N-dichloro-p-toluenesulfonamide and acetonitrile as the halogen and nitrogen sources. The reaction is convenient to be conducted by simply mixing three reactants in the presence of manganese dioxide catalyst and 4 A molecular sieves, and(More)
A Late Cretaceous (probably Maestrichtian) silicoflagellate assemblage has been recovered for the first time from the middle section of a core taken from the Alpha Cordillera in the central Arctic Ocean. The finding of Globigerina pachyderma in the top and very rarely in the bottom part of the core suggests a faulting or slumping process in the area.
Spectral analysis of surface electromyograms (sEMG) is often used to estimate central and peripheral characteristics of a motor unit (MU) population, such as average conduction velocity, proportion of muscle fiber types, and pattern of MU recruitment. This estimation is based on the assumption that the sEMG adequately reflects the frequency characteristics(More)
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