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BACKGROUND Valganciclovir preemptive therapy guided by the viral load is the current strategy recommended for preventing CMV disease in CMV-seropositive Solid Organ Transplant Recipients (SOTR) at lower risk for developing CMV infection. However, universal viral load cut-off has not been established for initiating therapy. OBJECTIVES Our goal was to(More)
In this chapter, several factors that should be considered for selecting and developing suitable analytical methods for determining nitrite/nitrate are presented. Nitrite and nitrate occurrence and suitability are a controversial issue. Nitrite is an approved additive considered a foremost curing ingredient for the preservation of meat products. Nitrate is(More)
This is a retrospective case report of three cases with an early postoperative transtibial fistula after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL). The patients had undergone ACL reconstruction and complained of fluid drainage through the not-healed wound or swelling localized on the anteromedial aspect of the ipsilateral proximal tibia during the(More)
HLA-B45, in contrast to B44, does not show molecular polymorphism. We have found a group of Caucasian Spanish individuals, serologically typed as B45, showing an unexpected HLA-B12 PCR-SSO subtyping pattern. Complete coding region sequencing and B45 subtyping by PCR-SSO demonstrated that the B45 serologic specificity is constituted by two molecular alleles:(More)
INTRODUCTION Building on the expanding cross cultural interest in FACES, the Spanish version of the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale (FACES IV), aimed at the assessment of the dimensions of cohesion and flexibility of the Circumplex Model, was validated following the author´s guidelines. METHOD The sample was composed by 665 college(More)
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