Laura Meloney

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OBJECTIVE Dehydration is a significant threat to the health of children worldwide and a major cause of death in resource-scarce settings. Although multiple studies have revealed that oral and intravenous (IV) methods for rehydration in nonsevere dehydration are nearly equally effective, little is known about effectiveness beyond these 2 techniques. With(More)
IMPORTANCE Anemia is common in pregnancy and increases the risk of adverse outcomes. Iron deficiency is a leading cause of anemia in sub-Saharan Africa, and iron supplementation is the standard of care during pregnancy; however, recent trials among children have raised concerns regarding the safety of iron supplementation in malaria-endemic regions. There(More)
BACKGROUND Iron deficiency is a highly prevalent micronutrient abnormality and the most common cause of anemia globally, worsening the burden of adverse pregnancy and child outcomes. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the response of hematologic biomarkers to iron supplementation and to examine the predictors of the response to iron supplementation among(More)
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