Laura Mecerreyes

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The aim of this study was to analyse the differences in foot dimensions in a sample of Spanish school-aged children. A total of 497 boys and 534 girls from Spain participated in the study. Measurements of both feet were obtained using a 3D foot digitiser, and shoe sizes were recorded and then estimated based on foot length measurements. The variations in(More)
This study compared the foot morphology of Spanish schoolchildren based on their body mass index and age and analyzed whether body mass index affects the child’s foot development at primary school. Cross-sectional study of 1,032 schoolchildren (497 boys and 535 girls), 6–12 years old. Height and weight were measured to calculate body mass index. Children(More)
We aimed to describe the changes in footprint characteristics after 2 types of resistance training sessions performed at different intensities. 18 young subjects (8 men and 10 women) volunteered for the study. All of them performed 2 different resistance training sessions, one with light loads (LS) and the other with heavy loads (HS). Their footprint was(More)
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