Laura Masciadri

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Dynamic adaptivity is one of the most challenging non-functional issues to address during the engineering of information systems. Furthermore, it is even harder to evaluate. The definition of mechanisms through which adaptivity may be evaluated would be very useful both for the maintainability, reusability, and evolution of adaptive systems, and for the(More)
The available frameworks for adaptive systems propose various solutions for addressing and implementing software which is adaptable at runtime. These solutions have different perspective on adaptivity: architectural, structural, or behavioral. Hence, based on which criteria should be decided which framework to adopt? In this paper, we present a possible(More)
In the last few years, the growing complexity of current applications has led to design self-adapting systems presenting selfproperties. Those systems are composed of several autonomous interactive entities. They behave autonomously and present interesting characteristics allowing them to handle dynamics coming from exogenous and endogenous changes. In this(More)
An automatic procedure for the pre-processing of ECG/VCG signals has been implemented on a HP2100 computer in order to test the significance of a few algorithms for the reduction of low-frequency and high-frequency noises superimposed on the tracings, i.e. baseline-drift evaluation and correction, low-pass and high-pass analogue and digital filterings. It(More)
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