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After tissue damage, inflammatory cells infiltrate the tissue and release proinflammatory cytokines. HMGB1 (high mobility group box 1), a nuclear protein released by necrotic and severely stressed cells, promotes cytokine release via its interaction with the TLR4 (Toll-like receptor 4) receptor and cell migration via an unknown mechanism. We show that(More)
The purpose of this study is to give researchers improved access to important electrophysiological quantities, such as ion-channel gating variables, that are difficult or impossible to measure during in vitro experiments, yet are thought to be critical to the formation of dangerous arrhythmias. To help fulfill this goal, we examined the feasibility of(More)
Mathematical models of cardiac action potential (AP) dynamics are useful for studying the formation of dynamically significant patterns such as alternans and conduction block. A closed-loop observer is an augmented version of a mathematical model, in which experimental data are supplied to the model through feedback. In this study, tools for observer(More)
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