Laura Manley

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In 2011, Norway experienced a surge in community acquired Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections. Norway also has one of the highest rates of reported Bordetella pertussis infections, despite high vaccine coverage. We aimed to determine the prevalence of upper respiratory tract pathogens in patients attending primary care physicians for respiratory illness during(More)
Many gases, vapors, or particles found in occupational and/or environmental settings can act as irritants. In the present study, sensory irritants are characterized by the stimulation of neuropeptide release from sensory nerves in the nasal mucosa, while pulmonary irritants are characterized by recruitment of PMN into bronchoalveolar airspaces, elevation of(More)
This study was done to determine whether the application of circumferential pressure about an intraosseous (IO) site can be used as a rapid method to detect incorrect placement of an IO needle. We used a prospective, randomized, controlled canine tibial IO model. According to random assignment, IO needles were placed either intramedullary (correct(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a rural emergency medical and trauma services project in increasing the knowledge and confidence of emergency care personnel in the management of acutely ill and injured children. METHODS This prospective, quasi-experimental study used an untreated control group design with pretest and posttest of(More)
  • L Manley
  • International journal of trauma nursing
  • 1997
The anatomy of a child's airway presents multiple challenges for health care providers who must maintain adequate ventilation and oxygenation. The care giver must be knowledgeable about the anatomic differences between children and adults and skilled in the use of pediatric airway adjuncts to provide safe, effective airway management.
A program to instruct ground and aeromedical prehospital emergency medical system providers in the intraosseous infusion technique was developed and implemented. Paramedics and flight nurses received training through lectures and performance of the procedure in several animal models. The records of attempts on 15 patients who subsequently received(More)