Laura Malave

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Recognition of a person from gait has been a focus in computer vision. It is one biometric source that can be acquired at a distance. At this nascent stage of gait recognition research, the pertinent research questions are those related to understanding the limits of gait recognition and the quantitative study of the various factors effecting gait. However,(More)
Most state of the art video-based gait recognition algorithms start from binary silhouettes. These silhouettes, defined as foreground regions, are usually detected by background subtraction methods, which results in holes or missed parts due to similarity of foreground and background color, and boundary errors due to video compression artifacts. Errors in(More)
Gait recognition is used to recognize the human by his/her walking styles. It is used in biometric authentication system, the gait is the walking sequence of human and another type of spices. In the previous methodologies a change of viewing angle causes a significant challenge for gait recognition. Proposed methodology, formulate a framework to estimate(More)
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