Laura M Ross

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BACKGROUND In the past 10 years, medication errors have come to be recognised as an important cause of iatrogenic disease in hospital patients. AIMS To determine the incidence and type of medication errors in a large UK paediatric hospital over a five year period, and to ascertain whether any error prevention programmes had influenced error occurrence. (More)
OBJECTIVES (1) Determine if older patients with abdominal pain who receive emergency department (ED) abdominal CT have changes in diagnosis and/or disposition more often than similar patients without CT; (2) compare physician confidence in diagnosis and disposition for patients with versus without CT; (3) document factors that most influence physician's(More)
BACKGROUND Little has been published on gratification disorder ("infantile masturbation") in early childhood. AIMS To expand on the profile of patients diagnosed with this condition. METHODS Retrospective case note review; Fraser of Allander Neurosciences Unit paediatric neurology outpatient department 1972-2002. RESULTS Thirty one patients were(More)
A 9-year-old boy with dyskinetic cerebral palsy secondary to neonatal encephalopathy is described. He presented with blurring of near vision which had begun to impact on his school work. Objective assessment of accommodation showed that very little was present, although convergence was almost normal. The near-vision symptoms were completely removed and(More)
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