Laura M Proctor

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Promoter hypermethylation of circulating cell DNA has been advocated as a diagnostic marker for prostate cancer, but its prognostic use is currently unclear. To assess this role, we compared hypermethylation of circulating cell DNA from prostate cancer patients with (Group 1, n = 20) and without (Group 2, n = 22) disease progression and age-matched controls(More)
The possibility of infectious triggers stimulating the development of inflammatory vascular diseases has generated much recent interest. This study uses PCR to detect the presence of Chlamydia pneumoniae, parvovirus B19 and all the human herpes viruses except HHV8 in temporal artery biopsy specimens. Samples from 37 temporal artery biopsies with(More)
Anyone who works in an industrial environment or is employed in the utility, mass transit, industrial goods manufacturing, or telecommunications industry - as well as many others - may be at risk for electrocution. Electric shock costs workers' lives and results in painful and debilitating injuries every year. Lockout/tagout procedures protect against(More)
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