Laura M Miller

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The Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research is one of the oldest financial research centers in the country. It was founded in 1969 through a grant from Oppenheimer & Company in honor of its late partner, Rodney L. White. The Center receives support from its endowment and from annual contributions from its Members. The Center sponsors a wide range of(More)
We used data on more than 1.5 million Medicaid enrollees to examine the impact of changes in prescription drug use on medical costs. For three distinct groups of enrollees, we estimated the effects of aggregate prescription drug use-and, more specifically, the use of medications to treat eight chronic noncommunicable diseases-on total nondrug, inpatient,(More)
Targeting efforts to improve medication adherence, especially among people with high health needs, can improve health and lower health care spending. To this end, Medicare requires that insurance plans that provide prescription drug (Part D) coverage offer specialized medication therapy management services to optimize medication use for enrollees with high(More)
Implementation of the Medicare drug benefit resulted in a major shift of prescription drug spending from Medicaid to Medicare. Data indicate that Medicaid programs experienced substantial changes in the volume and types of prescriptions used by enrollees. Medicaid prescription volume and total payments to pharmacies dropped by almost 50 percent in 2006.(More)
BACKGROUND Medicare Part D prescription drug plans must offer medication therapy management (MTM) services to qualified enrollees. Eligibility criteria used by plan sponsors are restrictive, and fewer than 10% of Part D enrollees receive MTM services. The extent to which plan criteria identify beneficiaries most at risk for suboptimal medication use is(More)
174 Background: ASCO's Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) is a practice based quality improvement program based on retrospective chart reviews. Data collection is performed twice a year. If scores meet a specified level, a practice may apply for certification. In order to achieve certification, a physician practice must meet minimum threshold(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this study was to investigate the impact on immunization rates of policy changes that allowed pharmacists to administer influenza immunizations across the United States. METHODS Influenza immunization rates across states were compared before and after policy changes permitting pharmacists to administer influenza immunizations. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and test incident drug user designs for assessing cost savings from statin use in diabetics. DATA SOURCE Random 5 percent sample of Medicare beneficiaries, 2006-2008. STUDY DESIGN Seven-step incident user design to assess impact of statin initiation on subsequent Medicare spending: (1) unadjusted pre/post initiation test; (2)(More)