Laura M Irizarry

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BACKGROUND Micronutrient powders (MNP) reduce anemia and improve iron status in children aged 6 to 23 months. Little is known about home fortification interventions in low-income and middle-income countries. OBJECTIVE To describe highlights of the Global Assessment of Home Fortification Interventions 2011, new directions, and needed policy and(More)
The lack of valid and reliable Spanish speech audiometry materials constitutes an important clinical problem. Such tests necessitate the construction of appropriate materials. Analysis of English and Spanish literature on speech audiometry led to the identification of guidelines for new test materials in the Spanish language. Test lists were devised,(More)
Interventions aiming to modify the dietary and physical activity behaviors of young children require precise and accurate measurement tools. As part of a larger community-based project, three school-based questionnaires were developed to assess (a) fruit and vegetable intake, (b) physical activity and television (TV) viewing, and (c) perceived parental(More)
T first national nutrition and diet survey on a probabilistic sample representative of the Mexican population was conducted in 1988. The Mexican National Nutrition Survey 1988 (ENN 88) established a baseline and laid the ground upon which more recent surveys have built upon. Originally developed and analyzed by a team of researchers at the Ministry of(More)
OBJECTIVE Demonstrate the importance of the cultural factors that currently motivate Mexican children to consume sweetened beverages and examine their implications for the design of programs for the promotion of healthy lifestyles. METHODS A qualitative phenomenological study involving nine peer interviews and four discussion groups was conducted among(More)
OBJECTIVE To increase water consumption in school children in Mexico City through a social marketing intervention. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cluster quasi-experimental design. Intervention of three months in schools, including water provision and designed based on social marketing. Reported changes in attitude, knowledge and behavior were compared pre and(More)
Continual course correction during implementation of nutrition programmes is critical to address factors that might limit coverage and potential for impact. Programme improvement requires rigorous scientific inquiry to identify and address implementation pathways and the factors that affect them. Under the auspices of "The Micronutrient Powders(More)
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