Laura M. Huckins

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Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a complex and heritable eating disorder characterized by dangerously low body weight. Neither candidate gene studies nor an initial genome-wide association study (GWAS) have yielded significant and replicated results. We performed a GWAS in 2907 cases with AN from 14 countries (15 sites) and 14 860 ancestrally matched controls as(More)
Rats and mice are the most widely used species for modelling psychiatric disease. Assessment of these rodent models typically involves the analysis of aberrant behaviour with behavioural interactions often being manipulated to generate the model. Rodents rely heavily on their excellent sense of smell and almost all their social interactions have a strong(More)
The Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 3 anorexia nervosa genome-wide association scan includes 2907 cases from 15 different populations of European origin genotyped on the Illumina 670K chip. We compared methods for identifying population stratification, and suggest list of markers that may help to counter this problem. It is usual to identify(More)
The XXII World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, sponsored by the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 12-16 October 2014. A total of 883 participants gathered to discuss the latest findings in the field. The following report was written by student and postdoctoral attendees. Each was assigned one or more(More)
Dong Li1, Xiao Chang1, John J. Connolly1, Lifeng Tian1, Yichuan Liu1, Elizabeth J. Bhoj1, Nora Robinson1, Debra Abrams1, Yun R. Li1, Jonathan P. Bradfield1, Cecilia E. Kim1, Jin Li1, Fengxiang Wang1, James Snyder1, Maria Lemma1, Cuiping Hou1, Zhi Wei1, Yiran Guo 1, Haijun Qiu1, Frank D. Mentch1, Kelly A. Thomas1, Rosetta M. Chiavacci1, Roger Cone2,5,(More)
Integrating rare variation from family and case/control studies has successfully implicated specific genes contributing to risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In schizophrenia (SCZ), however, while sets of genes have been implicated through study of rare variation, very few individual risk genes have been identified. Here, we apply hierarchical Bayesian(More)
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